photo 1 My name is Jahnavi Harrison. I was born and raised in a spiritual community practising bhakti yoga, the art of offering one’s life in loving service to God.

Bhakti culture is rich with colour, smells, tastes and sounds that celebrate the sweetness and beauty and power of the Supreme, from daily singing of mantras and kirtan in the temple, to the vibrant festivals throughout the year. My artistic life has been continually inspired by this rich source.

Why ‘Little Conch’?

The sound of a conch shell being blown gives me goosebumps. In Hindu culture it is known as a divya dhwani – a divine sound, that protects and purifies the consciousness of all who hear it. It is traditionally sounded in temple worship to sanctify the atmosphere and joyfully proclaim the glory of God. Little Conch brings together my writing, devotional music and visual arts, with the hope that the words, images and sounds I release into the world are always uplifting and rooted in devotion.