26 Qualities of a Lover of God

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As listed by the great saint Srila Krishnadas Kaviraja. This list has always fascinated me – it is such a concise yet comprehensive guide that can help one to recognise a true lover of God, no matter what faith or tradition they practise.

Here is the list in Sanskrit and English – I made some phrases more concise in the illustration:

krpalu, akrta-droha, satya-sara sama
nidosa, vadanya, mrdu, suci, akincana
sarvopakaraka, santa, krsnaika-sarana
akama, aniha, sthira, vijita-sad-guna
mita-bhuk, apramatta, manada, amani
gambhira, karuna, maitra, kavi, daksa, mauni

(1) He is very kind to everyone.
(2) He does not make anyone his enemy.
(3) He is truthful.
(4) He is equal to everyone.
(5) No one can find any fault in him.
(6) He is magnanimous.
(7) He is mild.
(8) He is always clean.
(9) He is without possessions.
(10) He works for everyone’s benefit.
(11) He is very peaceful.
(12) He is always surrendered to Krishna.
(13) He has no material desires.
(14) He is very meek.
(15) He is steady.
(16) He controls his senses.
(17) He does not eat more than required.
(18) He is not influenced by the Lord’s illusory energy.
(19) He offers respect to everyone.
(20) He does not desire any respect for himself.
(21) He is very grave.
(22) He is merciful.
(23) He is friendly.
(24) He is poetic.
(25) He is expert.
(26) He is silent.

I remember things more visually so I doodled an illustrated version today in a spare half hour. I’d like to refine it and make the design and layout more balanced and pleasing, as well as more creative typography.



  1. You have beautiful handwriting and it is a manifestation of the love in your heart.

  2. Listening Jahanvi Kirtan takes you to God

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