Arrivals Hall

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It is almost lunchtime at Heathrow Terminal 3.
In the arrivals hall, we swarm like bees,
hovering around the double doors from which emerge the loved and long awaited.
A mechanical piano plays Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite with relentless cheer –
few seem to notice, but a little boy who struts around it, synchronising his movement with the beat. He doesn’t care who is watching.
His father chats away on the phone, talking of business colleagues being ‘thrown under the bus’.
I am waiting for a face I know, a dear soul to walk through the doors.
As I stand, I watch as blank faces flower in joyful recognition,
spotting their friends, wives, children and husbands.
A few bored taxi drivers wait with paper signs,
but most of these arrivals rush into loving arms.
One lady runs to another, perhaps they are sisters,
and their smiles turn to tears as they grip each other tightly,
swaying gently as the people continue to flow around them.
The piano plays the Sugar Plum Fairy and some Asian passengers stop to take a selfie.
A little girl jumps on her Dad with a shout, clinging to his leg as he walks;
A Muslim couple in traditional dress share a tender kiss;
An African man bows his head and touches foreheads with an elderly gentleman.
Two girls with backpacks and sun bleached hair race into the arms of their cheering family,
who hold a gigantic welcome sign.
In ten short minutes I see people of all races exhibiting such tenderness toward each other,
and emotion wells in my throat; my eyes moisten.
‘How cliched!’ says my mind, ‘You might as well go and sob over a Richard Curtis film!’
The piano obliges, switching to the sugary strains of ‘La Vie En Rose’.
Perhaps it is cliched – but this is beautiful cliche—
Embrace after embrace, hands grasping for hands, and hearts meeting,
I see that this joy; this longing,unites us all—
to be loved, to be waited for, to belong,
for separation and reunion.
To know that amidst the rush and rage,
there is someone in this creation who waits only for you, with open arms.

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