Budapest Skyfall

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I haven’t been in such a storm for
a long time
Sheets of rain that fall sideways
the hail hitting the windows
knuckle crack smack
every last powder puff
cherry blossom
has been doused and felled.
The streets are covered with a thick pink carpet, and the rain still falls.
It cleans, it infuses the air with the freshness of youth, with the memory of a hundred such storms,
standing in darkened bedrooms, on Florida patios, Brooklyn rooftops and South African balconies.
Recalling that familiar samskara of movement, stretching my palms to the sky, feeling the tapping, trickling, running, life giving rain.
Watching as my clothes
speckle and darken,
sticking out my tongue.
Krishna’s majesty is manifest in every deep rumble, in the mighty flashes that light the swelling pavement rivers,
in the scented breeze and
the dark night sky.
O rain, rain, rainfall!
Fall O rain,
and help me to remember Him,
again and again and again.


One Comment

  1. Thank you for capturing the majesty of rain and prayer. Love the images from different countries x

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