Evolution of a Logo

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I’m not a professionally trained designer or illustrator so I was chuffed to be asked to design the logo for a new jewellery company – Kaustubha Jewels. The client’s one desire was to include peacocks somehow. Whilst honouring this, I wanted to try and use them in a fresh way, since they are an age old design motif.  I wanted the design to feel sleek and contemporary, whilst conveying the ornate grace and unique character of the jewellery. Since I do everything by hand, there were a flurry of sketches. It was a bit of a discipline to draw grids and lines and endeavour to make freehand sketches and lettering into something possible to reproduce. I realised how many short cuts you can take using computer design software, and how archaic some processes have become – like drawing out the same thing over and over again, just to try out slight variations. All in all, a really fun, absorbing process. The last images show the current incarnation of the design which is now being transferred to vector by a graphic designer. Packaging, banners and business cards to come… 20140702-160458-57898832.jpg 20140702-160458-57898478.jpg 20140702-160515-57915099.jpg 20140702-160658-58018005.jpg 20140702-160658-58018994.jpg 20140702-160659-58019752.jpg 20140702-160659-58019392.jpg 20140702-160700-58020745.jpg 20140702-160658-58018622.jpg 20140702-160701-58021255.jpg 20140702-160702-58022052.jpg 20140702-160700-58020122.jpg 20140702-160701-58021626.jpg 20140702-160702-58022597.jpg


  1. This is lovely! I so enjoy your music and artwork. I was fortunate to sing with you once in Rhode Island a few years ago and I never forgot your beautiful voice and gentle presence. I was happy to find your site and YouTube videos. Thank you!


  2. Thank you Patricia, I fondly remember coming twice to Rhode Island and the yoga studio we chanted at. I hope you are very well and still finding time for kirtan! Thank you for your kind words…

  3. When she sings it is as if for ages she has known Bengal, Mahaprabhu, and everything Vaishnav.

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