For 100 Autumns

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Yup. It’s wedding season. If you’re English, that means summer evenings spent in tight shoes, making small talk on heel-sinky lawns. Most of the weddings I attend are Indian ones, and that means, amongst other things, enough flower petals to drown in, blowing conch shells (yay!), bell ringing and more diamante than Dolly Parton has in her wardrobe.

Last weekend was a more unique affair, when I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the wedding of a friend on the island of Ibiza. It was a magical setting, and the ceremony took place on Midsummer’s Night atop a mountain. As a little wedding gift I wrote out a portion of the traditional Vedic wedding vows (traditionally spoken in Sanskrit but often now recited in English).

It was a quick project, rushed and finished on the plane, so I wasn’t totally happy with the execution. I enjoyed the opportunity to play with words, lettering and balance in design though, and hope to do more of the same in future.

“I am the Sky, you are the Earth; I am the Seed, you are the Bearer; I am the Mind, you are Speech; I am the Words, you are the Melody. I knowingly respect you as you knowingly respect me. May we remain together, listen to joyous sounds together. May we always experience well-being, and, speaking loving words, may we remain together for a hundred autumns.”

Pastel and coloured pencil on paper.




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