I Have Some News

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I have some news—

I am going to die,

and so are you.

This heart will stop cold,
a tickless clock,
and the colour and pulsing of this brain
will fade,
quick as the tide at dusk.
These hands will no more fret and pull,
at the edges of this body;
and the eyes that have drunk
thousands of gallons of light,
will close.

We will all burn, like dry grass in California,
one spark, one moment in time,
and with a rush, an exhale,
a fall, a flame,
this play will end.
And what of I?
This pinpoint of consciousness,
where will I call home?
Will I remain, or merely as memory;
an abandoned Timeline —
a name written on paper and stone?

Will you remember me, and I remember you?
Will the walls and towers we built remain,
and the coppers and pounds, blossoms and fruit?
The great ones say,
that we will go where our desires pull us,
if we are fortunate—
toward our Source,
the only One worth serving.

Somehow or other,
though I am going to die,

and you too—
On a hope, and a prayer,
a song and a dance,
a promise made on a battlefield long, long ago;
we will find our way home—
like magnets, ever seeking our pole.

One Comment

  1. We will find our way home….

    Beautiful Jahnavi! So happy you are writing again. Sending love

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