Little Conch Sounds Again

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It’s been a long time. Too long. Seven years ago I started a little blog called The Little Conch, with no intention other than to share my little writings with a few friends and family. I realised that it had become something different when I met people from Pennsylvania to Melbourne who were reading it.

After travelling the world, and growing up a great deal from the fresh faced A level student I was when I began, I hope to again offer a little contribution. As before, my desire is just to share a little from my world, with the hope that it can inspire or encourage another. My blessing and curse is to see the world with an artistic eye — my goal is to one day see with the clear vision that grows from steady, humble spiritual practice.

The blog will serve to share little chunks, whereas in the different areas for Writing, Art and Music, I will be gradually uploading past work and resources.

I welcome feedback, advice and even an encouraging word or two.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you.


  1. ~ Inspiring Bhakti Devotional Art …. just got lost in laughter and joy, watching you both dance at Ndiya’s Mehndi party ~ look forward to learning more about your heart’s expression in loving our Sweet Lord Krishna ….and all His associates ~ Hare Krishna ~

  2. How lovely. I so like the sound of this. I am fed up with F.b. It’s nice to say you like things that people say and link up in some way but it is such a time gobbler and not much depth or sense of satisfaction. I should like to correspond with you creatively , tho I am not talented. But still, the creative urge is there and I love to have conversations in such ways…………not trying to impress or achieve anything but to have some honest connection within which my own inner world unfolds in the company of a valued other. xxx

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