Ode to The Name

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Whisper it beneath the summer oaks
while swallows dive above
Shout it in your morning shower,
share it with the ones you love.
Sing it loud, groups of ten,
three or seventy five,
brand it on your beating chest and
keep your heart alive.
In the garden, on the bus,
before exams and interviews,
at joyous birth and bitter death,
sing this name, loud and true.
Call it when your days are long,
breathe it in and out with heavy head,
cry it over your morning tea,
and into your pillow before bed.
Wash this name through every fibre,
rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat
sing with everything you have,
soft, sweet, subtle, deep.



  1. Hello Jahnavi, a word in your shell-like, Hare Krishna…

  2. ‘Rinse and repeat’ that’s such a clever line! Good work, Jahnavi x

  3. What a wonderful poem! You are writing about chanting EVERYWHERE-just like it says in siksastaka-when one is very humble and tolerant he can chant the holy name constantly!

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