“You can work hard, you can do so many things, but unless there is grace, everything doesn’t come together.”

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Last September I had the good fortune of interviewing some amazing Indian classical music artists for the Darbar festival. I am not quite sure how and why it was me that got to speak with them, but I felt very grateful. The interviews have been edited over the past 9 months and are just now being gradually posted up on the Darbar YouTube channel. This one with Aruna Sairam is a favourite, although all of the interviewees were great to talk to – honest, humble and full of insight. She was someone I particularly was excited to speak with, having listened to her for many years. She was warm, down to earth and full of enthusiasm for the music she has dedicated her life to.

I definitely recommend watching, and checking out her soul stirring music.

P.S. Check out her blouse sleeve – she was saying she gets “Sa Pa Sa” the basic anchoring notes of the Indian musical scale, embroidered on all her blouses. I found it charming 🙂

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