Forget Me Not

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It’s my habit, when walking
to pick you some flowers
so I do
clasping the stems in one hand
for the next half an hour,
while the sky darkens
but only when I put them at your feet
do I realise, I’ve picked
sky blue with yellow centres
and some a touch of pink
each one, I realise,
a small prayer
I know you bestow limitless mercy upon everyone
But I fear sometimes
That I’m not included in everyone
just that my desire is not sincere
I fear that not being anchored to you
I will so easily be swept away
Like each tiny flower,
I am so small
But please,
See my prayer
And disregard its ineloquence
Please see my desire
And help me to purify it
And though I am so far from your feet
Please see me down here
And forget me not
Forget me not


  1. love the poem.I am one of the fan of ISCKON,I believe it is most noble work spreading name of Krishna for which devotees do so much hard work.

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  2. Thank you for wording so eloquently a prayer I was too afraid to write.

  3. This makes me want to cry..
    Simple yet brimming feeling.

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