Greetings from Vrindavan

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I wish I could show you
hoofprints in the roadside sand
that sacred name on every wall and tree
and in the air
and marigolds
falling from a rooftop
the round red sun
lowering by four
three conchshells blowing
the creak and rumble of the altar doors
and honks and horns
and slips of songs that seep through open windows
cool marble kirtan
and bells every half an hour
soft cows
coats shaded with a 6B pencil
darker in the folds
and creases
flames in clay cups that find their way
into corners
and onto ledges and
inside steel drums
I wish I could show you
steaming milk
and jalebis
and a lady’s smile
blue houses in Varsana
and a pile of leaf plates
wiped clean
watch out for the
yellow hornets
that hide behind dark doors
the city of ants
that swarm the courtyard cobbles
the bumpy road
and the sulphur smell
on the way home
sacred dust in the cracks
of toes
and seams of clothes
collecting in bottoms of bags with lonely petals
can I show you
the round leaves everywhere
morning mist
outstretched hands
and the sky for a ceiling
strings of
lights and
flags and
beads and
leaves and different flowers
boys in yellow uniforms
can you hear them shout
I wish I could show you the water lilies
that open and close
like clockwork
red stone and
red stains and
huddles of waiting monkeys
but I wish
I wish
I wish I could show you
the nine forms of his divine grace
as he chants
and prays
and gives prasad
and gives us strength to
carry on
and I wish I could show you every morning
the gentle smile on krsna’s face


  1. Its awesome. I liked it.

  2. Beautiful poem! Felt like we were there in Vrndavana!

  3. Krishna truly blessed her. You can feel it as she sings.

  4. Beautiful

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