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step over the gaps with grace and hopscotch the cracks.
Leap the new apartments blocks
that rise without warning in the green spaces of your heart.
Raise your arms to the sky and dance the colour blue.
Dance a triangle, dance a square,
dance alone, dance in pairs,
Dance the leaves, dance the water, dance the air
Dance your foot out of bed every morning and jete into evening dreams.
Every step is a dance,
every tear a pause before the next waltz,
Chacha through breakfast and shimmy through lunch,
two step through dinner and make up new steps after dark.
In the forest dance the trees with their swaying, upraised arms,
Dance on ice, dance on sand, dance in the ocean and dance holding hands.
Pas de chat over canyons and streams,
twirl at teatime and spin in your dreams
Dance on the subway and dance in school,
dance when you’re lonely,
dance with no rules.
Dance for ice cream, dance for love,
dance afraid, dance when you’ve completely lost your way.
Arabesque, samba, plie, chasse,
trip step, hip hop, taka dhimi ta.

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  1. soooo sweet 2 read it <3 2 find your voice & light <3 Hare Krishna <3 Hare Jahnavi <3 Thank You very much 4 ur soul vibration arriving till mine <3 Radha Soami great regards from são paulo brasil _/\_

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