River Devi

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Your broad face
ribbed with waves
silently watching
we forget to bow to you
O devi of the city
jogging past your body
admiring your beauty
feeding you our daily remains.
We forget to pray.
No flowers sit atop the zig zags
carved by tourist boats at dusk.
You reach your fingers beneath the gum covered concrete
touching iron and earth and forgotten prayers
buried deep
O devi, forgive us as we tut and call you dirty.
Your wide banks reflect the span of your compassion.
Tonight at sunset,
you sing a quiet song
as the trees around you sleep
you sing of your far away sisters
of sandy banks
where blessed feet stand
offering evening prayers.

One Comment

  1. Beautiful Jahnavi. Simply beautiful !!!

    Your voice and your writing sprinkle the path with fragrance for us all.

    Blessings from Western Canada.

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